The National Museum is Closing for Renovations!

Photo by Hans Thorwid/Nationalmuseum
Sad, but true! This Sunday (Feb 3rd) is the last day the National Museum is open before closing for 4 years for extensive renovations! This is the premiere museum for classic art and design in Stockholm and will be sorely missed. But we are certainly looking forward to seeing the results of this much discussed renovation. To mark this occasion, the museum will have longer opening hours and special events on Saturday & Sunday as well as free admission. So, if you are in Stockholm this weekend... take advatage of this opportunity! Click here for more information and opening hours. If you are coming later this year, all is not lost... the National Museum will be taking up temporary residence in the Royal Swedish Academy of Fine Arts (Konstakademien), located on Fredsgatan 12. The first exhibition is planned to start on June 13th and will feature beloved Swedish artist Carl Larsson. More about this later...
Photo by Erik Cornelius/Nationalmuseum


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