More Sure Signs of Spring

Canal Tour, Photo by Gomer Swahn, Strömma
The start of the Stockholm City Bike season isn't the only sign that spring is upon us! Strömma is starting to roll out their sightseeing boat tours of the city as well. First out (start April 5th) is the Royal Canal Tour, a relaxing 50 minute tour around the island of Djurgården and through Stockholm harbour with views of Gamla Stan. The boats leave hourly from Nybroviken and are guided in 11 different languages. While this is a sign of spring's arrival, winter hasn't really released her grip completely... so there may be some course changes due to ice. The late ice also means that Strömma has had to push back some of its other sightseeing boat tours to later in the season. Under the Bridges is now planned to start on April 26th and the boats to Drottningholm will start on April 29th.
Strandbryggan Sea Club
Another sign of spring is the opening of outdoor restaurants and bars. Swedes live for this! It doesn't matter if it is only 10 degrees Celsius, as long as the sun is shining, they will sit outdoors wrapped in blankets and under heating lamps. And once it warms up there is no stopping them! One of the premiere floating restaurant & bars, Strandbryggan, is opening for the season on April 13th. Located next to the bridge to Djurgården, it has some of the best views of Stockholm. So, stop by for a drink or else to laugh at the crazy Swedes (myself included). But, if you are staying at the Rival Hotel, you don't have to go far to enjoy a beverage/meal outdoors... our outdoor seating for the Café Rival and Bistro Balcony opens one day earlier... on April 12th!
Café Rival!


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