Best Restaurants Awarded in the White Guide 2014

A day after the Oscars were awarded in Hollywood, the Oscars of the Swedish culinary world were handed out here in Stockholm by the White Guide. What I like about the White Guide is that it is a complete guide to restaurants in all of Sweden, done by Swedes (as opposed to international guides- like the Michelin Guide). The awards are given in a wide array of categories and Stockholm restaurants nabbed many top spots... though this year has seen more restaurants from the rest of Sweden getting awards, which is good news for Sweden! Stockholm restaurants also feature prominently on the White Guide's lists of Swedish restaurants in the categories "International Master Class" and "Master Class". Here are how Stockholm restaurants fared...
Best Culinary Experience: Oaxen Krog!
Stockholm restaurants in Sweden's International Master Class (placing on list in parantheses):
And... the ones who made the Master Class list:
Click here to read the whole list!  And if you want to see past White Guides, or other guides/lists, click here.
The winners at Esperanto. Photo from White Guide.


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