March 21, 2014

Liquorice Festival - Lakritsfestivalen

Photo source: Emelie Nilsson
If you are going to be in Stockholm this weekend (March 22nd & 23rd) and love liquorice/licorice then you are in for a treat... it is the weekend of the annual Liquorice Festival (Lakritsfestivalen)! They have had this festival every year since 2009 and to say that it has grown in size would be an understatement. In 2009 it was held in a basement around the corner from the Rival Hotel... now it is located in the Annexet in the Globe Arenas. Swedes do love their liquorice (usually the salty kind)!
Shopping! Photo by: Inger Bladh
There will be plenty of activities on both days like liquorice tasting (including in combination with chocolate, wine and liquor), workshops, exhibitions & contests, live music & demonstrations on stage, shopping opportunities and much more! How about fashion made of liquorice? In the restaurant there will be a special liquorice "flavoured" festival menu composed by chef Elisabeth Johansson. Liquorice-glazed pulled pork sounds tasty!
Liquorice fashion by Funny Livdotter
The festival opening hours are 10am to 7pm on Saturday and 11am to 7pm on Sunday and admission is 125 SEK (free for children 10 or younger). The special "tastings" do cost extra! It is easy to get to the festival from the Rival Hotel... just take the subway (green line) from nearby Slussen, in the direction of Hagsätra, to the Globen station (4 stations). And while you are in the neighbourhood you can always try the Skyview ride to the top of Globen and one of the bars & restaurants under Tele2 Arena!

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