Mathias Dahlgren- Matbordet (The Dining Table)

A couple weeks ago I dined at the Food Bar (Matbaren), part of the restaurant Mathias Dahlgren. Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to try the restaurant's new concept: The Dining Table (Matbordet). This is not the same as a Chef's Table which many high end restaurants have these days. The Dining Table is a bit different. To start off with, the chef (often Mathias Dahlgren himself) creates your meal at the table in front of you. A fantastic opportunity to watch (and talk with) a Michelin 2 star and Bocuse d'Or gold medalist chef in action... and to taste the results!
Mathias Dahlgren and the Matbordet
Photo by: Magnus Skoglöf
There are different dining concepts, depending on the day of the week. Wednesdays are "Cooking with Friends" with special guests invited... everything from chefs to producers to ideologists. The meaning here is to share a meal and learn from each other. As an example, two of the first guests booked will be a saké (Japanese rice wine) expert and a popular professor/author/stand-up comedian. Should be some interesting meals and fascinating discussions! Thursdays are called "Radical Cooking" and Mathias Dahlgren will create a dish on the spot and within an hour... challenging himself. This is what I was invited to try... so more about this shortly.
On Fridays and Saturdays the menu will be based on three fresh produce items... whatever is in season and at its best quality. Asparagus from Gotland, buffalo yoghurt, nettles, arctic char, langoustines from Bohuslän, herring and new potatoes are just a few examples of fresh produce available this month. It will be fascinating to see what type of interesting dishes will be created! Whatever the day, the concept is to share a meal, conversation and experiences with both the chef and fellow diners. The table itself is large and seats up to 10 people on three sides and the chef, often Mathias Dahlgren himself, occupies the fourth side from where he creates the evening menu. Another overriding concept is that there will not be a set menu... the menu/meal each day will depend entirely on which produce is at its most fresh!
Detail picture of Matbordet
Photo by Magnus Skoglöf
I thought the experience was amazing. The food was obviously delicious... he made a hearty onion soup served with freshly baked sourdough bread when I was there. But the wonderful tastes paled in comparison to watching Dahlgren work with the produce, all the while explaining either the technique employed, the ingredients used or telling anecdotes from his life. He also invited diners into the conversation by asking us about our experiences and history. I think that Matbordet is a very interesting idea and I am excited to see it evolve! Mathias Dahlgren is located in the downtown area, across the water from the Royal Palace. It is just a 5-7 minute taxi ride to get there from the Rival Hotel, otherwise the closest subway station is Kungsträdgården (blue line). Seating is limited and demand is high... so booking seats in advance is highly recommended!
Ok, not a great picture... but proof I was there. Delicious food,
interesting conversation and live culinary show!
For more information, visit their website and click on "Matbordet".


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