The Stockholm Visitors Centre Moves to New Address

Sunken Plattan in the foreground, Kulturhuset to right, glass obelisk to left
and stairs leading up to Visitors Centre in middle.
For the past 3½ years, the Stockholm Visitors Centre has been located across the street from the entrance to the Central Train Station on Vasagatan 14. But as of today (April 3rd, 2014), they have moved and are now located in Kulturhuset/Stadsteatern (Culture House/City Theatre) on the square Sergels Torg. The move is due to the continuing renovation work around the train station. I stopped by on my way to work today to see exactly where it is and what it looked like. To be honest, they were still putting the last touches on it and weren't completely ready. This meant that I couldn't take very good pictures of the new offices... but they were ready to accept visitors!
The new location is more central than the old one... Sergels Torg is where the main streets Sveavägen and Hamngatan meet and it is just a stone's throw away from places like Åhelns department store, NK department store, Kungsträdgården park and the pedestrian street Drottninggatan. To get there from the Rival Hotel, take the subway to T-Centralen station and exit towards Sergels Torg. As you leave the station, you will find yourself in a sunken plaza (colloquially referred to as "Plattan"). Across this square, on the right, you will see the massive Kulturhuset. At the top of the stairs at the other end of the square is the new Stockholm Visitors Centre! In other words, the entrance is street level... close by where the Djurgård streetcar line starts.
Part of the interior with brochures and interactive tools.
The square itself is quite well known and very recognizable for Swedes. Especially the fountain in the middle of the roundabout with towering glass sculpture/obelisk. Whenever a major Swedish sports team (football or ice hockey) has some success, sport fans (dressed in yellow & blue) head to Sergels Torg and jump in to the fountain to celebrate. Plattan, the sunken plaza, is usually the location of political manifestations.
Photo source: Cedervall Arkitekter
At the Visitors Centre they have brochures, maps and information about all of the museums, palaces and other interesting sites. They also have brochures about different sightseeing tours and can help you with booking tickets. The Centre is also very high-tech and interactive with several computers and video screens to help you find the information you need as well as inspire you. You can also purchase your Stockholm Card here as well as tickets for events, concerts and festivals. Finally, they have people on hand to help with tips and advice. Of course, if you are staying at the Rival Hotel, you already have me for all of this (with the exception of the Stockholm Card)! But it is a nice option... especially if you are out on the town and have questions or need help. It is open daily, year-round, but the hours depend on if you are here during the high or low season. Click here for opening hours.

I have been invited to the opening party a little later this month... so hopefully I will get better pictures to add here!


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