Food Trucks and Street Food in Stockholm

Jeffrey's Food Truck, parked on Mariatorget, serving...
Sweden... the land of rules, regulations and red tape. While this does create a peaceful, organized and smooth-running society, it can sometimes cripple creativity and spontaneity. Case in point is the oh-so-trendy street food culture that has been sweeping the globe the past few years. The Swedish government has been slow to grant permission for food trucks in Stockholm ("food served from a vehicle on the street? That is... madness!"). Well, last year the government finally eased restrictions and food trucks have started rolling on the streets of Stockholm to the joy of locals and visitors alike.
...Italian food!
The trucks represent a wide variety of food cultures, even some with fusion cuisine... South American, Middle Eastern, Turklish, Indian, Swedish, French/Vietmanese, American, Mexican and more. For a visitor, this is a great chance to dip your toes into street culture and try some great food you might not otherwise try. Especially if you have a busy sightseeing day and spot a truck... a perfect impromtu picnic!
SOOK Street Food... Middle-Eastern cuisine.
There are several websites (in Swedish) that help you track your favorite food truck, like stockholmfoodtrucks, hittatrucken and foodtrucks. Otherwise they can often be found in certain squares, parks and intersections at lunch and dinner times. Several times a week, one is usually parked by the Rival Hotel in the square Mariatorget. If you can't read Swedish and are staying at the hotel... come talk to us and we can help track down your favorite truck!
Great pulled pork from Curbside.
If you want to be guaranteed to find some food trucks, then I would recommend a visit to the Hornstull Market on Sundays this summer (between 11am and 5pm). This popular May-September flea market is located on the waterfront in the trendy Hornstull district... just a 20 minute walk, or 2 subway stations, from the Rival Hotel. Several food trucks will be parked there for the market. So, head on down to rummage through the stands, buy some street food and have a picnic in Tantolunden park. A great way to spend a sunny summer Sunday!
Poster advertising the Hornstull Market with Food Trucks.


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