October 17, 2014

Restaurant Taverna Bazaar

This is actually a restaurant I visited this past summer, but I didn't have a chance to write about them at the time due to so many summer events going on. So I thought that I would save them until the autumn. The restaurant in question is Taverna Bazaar; a new restaurant located on the square Järntoget in Gamla Stan. Stockholm obviously has lots of restaurants serving Swedish and New Nordic cuisine... but we also have great restaurants serving a wide range of cuisines from around the world.
Taverna Bazaar is a bit unique as they serve cuisine from the Eastern Mediterranean (a mix of Turkish, Greek, and Lebanese). These cuisines mix very well with each other as they use many of the same ingredients and spices. Another thing these cuisines have in common is the concept of mezes/mezedes. These are small appetizers, served warm or cold, and dips... similar in concept to "tapas" in Spain.
You will recognize many of them by name, like Tzatziki, Hummus, Haloumi and Saganaki. The restaurant also has a tasting menu of mezes... which we took. Perfect to share and delicious! But it isn't all small dishes... they also have several larger fish & meat dishes prepared over a charcoal grill as well as other main courses like Souvlaki and their version of a hamburger.

The interior design of the restaurant matches the cuisine with lots of beautiful ceramic tiles as well as regional carpets, lighting fixtures and design details. During the summer months they have a nice big outdoor seating area on the square. It is just a 15 minute walk to the restaurant from the Rival Hotel. It is open daily for lunch and dinner and its location in the old town makes it a great place to take a lunch break when sightseeing. Click here for my other restaurant visits/recommendations.

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