October 9, 2014

"Sculpture After Sculpture" at Moderna

Yesterday I attended a sneak preview of the new exhibition at Moderna, Stockholm's modern art museum. "Sculpture After Sculpture" is the name of the exhibition and contains 13 pieces of work from three of the most important and innovative contemporary artists active in the medium of sculpture... Katharina Fritsch, Jeff Koons and Charles Ray.  
Fritsch's "Ghost and Pool of Blood"
Even if you aren't a modern art aficionado, you have probably at least heard of Jeff Koons. Besides his notoriety with certain artwork and performance art, he also holds the record for most expensive work of art by a living artist sold at auction... $58.4 million for "Balloon Dog (Orange)". Combining Koons with Fritsch and Ray in one exhibition is an intriguing move, not only for the similarity between the 3 artists but also for the differences. 
Koon's "Balloon Dog (Red)"
The entire exhibition is found in one large space at the museum which makes it, in my opinion, more interesting. As it is 3 dimensional works of art we are talking about, the art isn't just along the walls but spread out throughout the space. Upon entering the room, your attention is drawn immediately to the more well known sculpture, like Koons "Michael Jackson and Bubbles" or "Balloon Dog (Red)", and more imposing work, like Fritsch's "Elephant". However, you soon notice more subtle pieces. I especially enjoyed Fritsch's "Ghost and Pool of Blood" as well as Ray's "New Beetle". One word of warning... be careful where you walk!
Ray's "New Beetle"
This exhibition opens on October 11th and runs through January 18th, 2015. It is one of several exhibitions currently showing at Moderna... I recently wrote about another one entitled "A Way of Life". Otherwise you can click here for a list of other art exhibitions going on in Stockholm this fall/winter season. And if you are interested in sculpture and statuary, don't miss a visit to Millesgården when in Stockholm.
"Madonna" and "Elefant", both by Fritsch
The Moderna Muséet is located on the island of Skeppsholmen. To get there from the Rival Hotel, it is easiest by ferry from nearby Slussen. As we move towards "low" season, make sure you inform them at the ferry that you wish to make a stop at Skeppsholmen... otherwise they may not stop there on their way to Djurgården.
Koon's "Michael Jackson and Bubbles"

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