Friends of Adam - Wheat & Gluten Free Bakery

The bakery in Hornstull.
People adopting a gluten free diet has become quite common these days... whether due to allergies, Coeliac disease or sometimes even as a fad diet. But whatever the reason, there are many more options for people on a gluten free diet these days than before. Restaurants in Stockholm are generally very good at catering to people with dietary restrictions (gluten sensitivity, lactose intolerance, vegetarianism, etc.). However, for best results, I would recommend informing the restaurants ahead of time of any restrictions... like when you book your table.
A wide variety of bread...
Of special note for people on a gluten free diet in Stockholm is the bakery Friends of Adam. This wheat & gluten free bakery is located on the island of Södermalm, in the hip neighborhood of Hornstull (not too far from the Rival Hotel). Here you can purchase bread, muffins, crisp bread, buns, cookies, mixes and other goodies... all baked in the same locale. You can even pre order cakes for that special occasion.
Cookies, crackers and crisp bread.
But you don't need to visit the bakery to buy Friends of Adam products. Their products can be found in certain grocery stores throughout the city. For example, right around the corner from the Rival Hotel we have 8T8. This specialty grocery store sells what they call "conscious" food. By that they mean food that is often organically produced, made/grown locally and without unnecessary additives. They also have a good choice of products for people with dietary restrictions or special diets and do carry Friends of Adam cookies and crisp bread.
8T8 food store.


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