Restaurants Closing For a Few Weeks This Summer- 2015

This post may come as bad news, at least for "foodies" visiting Stockholm in July and early August. Many top tier restaurants (Michelin star, gourmet) close for a few weeks during the summer. This is mainly due to the generous Swedish vacation rules and the fact that many top restaurants feel that they can't offer excellent food & service with summer replacement staff. Another reason, perhaps, is that many Stockholmers leave the city during this period and there aren't enough visiting "foodies" to fill these types of restaurants. No businessmen in town either... wining & dining clients. At any rate, the good news is that there are a few which will be open all summer and several other top restaurants have some other options during these weeks... and you always have a plethora of other great restaurants in the city to choose from! Most of these restaurants are also closed during the big Midsummer holiday weekend (June 19th-21st). More about that in a few weeks, but here is last year's blog article regarding the holiday and what to expect.

  • Mathias Dahlgren- closed between July 10th and August 4th (both the Dining Room and Food Bar).
  • Frantzén- closed between July 11th and August 13th.
  • Oaxen Krog- open all summer, but only Wed-Sat during the period July 14th to August 11th.
  • Oaxen Slip- open all summer, every day (lunch/dinner) starting on July 18th.
  • Gastrologik- open all summer for the first time(!). Even their more casual Speceriet will be open.
  • Ekstedt- closed between July 19e and August 5th.
  • Esperanto- the dining room is closed between June 19th and August 6th. Between June 27th and August 4th they open up in their lounge with what they call their French Summer Salon where guests sit at a communal table (a la carte menu). Their great sister restaurants Råkultur and Shibumi are open all summer!
  • Operakällaren- closed between June 27th and August 5th. Operabaren- closed between July 4th and August 9th. Their more casual Bakfickan will be open all summer. 
  • Volt- closed between July 19th and August 17th. 
  • Svartengrens- closed between July 6th and August 3rd. 
  • AG- closed between June 28th and August 2nd. 
  • Rolf's Kök- closed between June 28th and August 2nd.
  • Pontus!- currently closed, reopening as Burger & Lobster on June 26th, with plans to be open the rest of the summer. Their more casual Pocket will be open all summer.
  • Lux Day to Day- closed between July 11th and August 11th.
  • Farang- closed between July 5th and August 5th.
  • Djuret- closed between June 17th and August 17th, instead they will open their pork barbecue restaurant Svinet in the courtyard.
  • Pubologi- closed between June 29th and July 30th. 
  • Proviant- closed between July 5th and August 4th.
  • Niklas- open all summer (Wed-Sat).
  • Grill- open all summer, though only serving a grill buffet between June 29th and August 6th.
  • Le Rouge- closed between June 27th and August 11th. Their more casual Le Bar will be open all summer.
  • SMAK- closed between July 4th and August 5th. 
  • Miss Voon- closed between July 5th and August 4th.
  • Publico- closed between July 5th and August 3rd. 
  • Lilla Ego- closed between June 28th and August 11th. 
  • Nook- closed between June 27th and August 5th.
  • Spritmuseum- their indoor restaurant closes on June 9th and moves outdoors for the summer with a more casual garden restaurant. 
  • Fotografiska- the main restaurant is closed from June 19th until the first week of September. During this time they will have an outdoor grill restaurant on the waterfront.
  • Oxelblom- closed between July 13th and August 10th.
  • Wedholms Fisk- open all summer.

Don't despair though... there are still plenty of great restaurants open in Stockholm during these weeks. If you are staying at the Rival Hotel, contact me for more information. Our Bistro will be open every evening, all summer! I will be updating this list as I get more information from restaurants. Please keep in mind that I gathered some of this information from their websites and some of the dates may change. To be absolutely sure, check the restaurant's website (which I have linked above). The dates I have written above are for dinner service, lunch service may differ! I will soon be writing an article about summer-open restaurants...


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