November 17, 2015

White Guide Nordic- Best Restaurants in the North 2016

One of the reasons I started writing this blog was because of the White Guide, which is a great annual guide to the top 600 or so restaurants in Sweden and based on the opinions of local journalists and restaurateurs. The trouble was that it was only available in Swedish and I thought it was great information which tourists would like to have. Last year the White Guide published a separate guide in English for all Nordic countries (Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland & Iceland) which I reported on here. Now it is time for their next installment of the White Guide Nordic!
Sweden 2016 Esperanto, photo by David Back.
This year the guide covers the 300 best restaurants in the Nordic countries, with 92 of them coming from Sweden. As it was last year, 12 restaurants from Sweden, 6 of them from Stockholm, made the top 30 list (though there have been some changes in the rankings). I would be remiss not to mention that the restaurant ranked second is the Swedish restaurant Fäviken, located up in northern Sweden. Here are the Stockholm restaurants which made the top 30, including their ranking. Several restaurants shared the same amount of points which is why they have "tied" with other restaurants in their ranking.

Click here to see past White Guides as well as other guides and restaurant awards. And click here to see where you can buy your copy of White Guide Nordic 2016.
Sweden 2016 Gastrologik.

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