April 6, 2016

Djurgård Ferry Terminal Has Moved!

Ferry arring at the old terminal next to Slussen.
A quick public service announcement. A convenient ferry line, especially for guests at the Rival Hotel, is the ferry to Djurgården where many of the city's main attractions can be found (Vasa Museum, ABBA the Museum, Skansen, etc.). This regular ferry just takes 10 minutes and cuts down the travel time to Djurgården considerably. The terminal on the city side has been located for years on the south side of Gamla Stan right next to Slussen. Slussen, a lock system that connects the Baltic Sea with Lake Mälaren, is undergoing a major overhaul and they have therefore moved the terminal approximately 100 meters north towards the Royal Palace. Not a big deal... but good to know!
The new terminal is now located near the restaurant Mr French.
Back story: Not much can inflame and polarize Stockholmers... but the renovations at Slussen have proved to be an exception. One thing that everyone agrees on is that Slussen needed to be renovated to some degree. What people couldn't agree on is what the final look would be. Sleek and modern or original and classic. After years of political fighting and grassroots campaigning, the renovations are underway. Though I don't think plump lady has sung yet.

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