White Guide Stockholm 2016-17

White Guide is the Nordic countries best guide system when it comes to restaurants and cafés. In many ways I consider White Guide better than other guides, like the Michelin Guide, as it is determined by local experts as opposed to outsiders. They also offer several annual gastronomy guides... including a White Guide Sweden and White Guide Nordic. The White Guide Nordic is especially good for visitors as it is in English (which is also good if you are travelling around the area and not just visiting one city/country). Not only did they just release the new edition of White Guide Nordic (2016-17), but they also released a new guide called White Guide Stockholm! Even better news... the White Guide Stockholm is in both Swedish and English. The guides can either be purchased/ordered in paper form or else you can purchase and download their app via their websites linked above.
In this article I will be concentrating on the White Guide Stockholm list as this is a Stockholm blog. After each restaurant I will add their placement in the Nordic guide (within the top 30) in parenthesis. Spoiler alert: a Stockholm restaurant also tops the list for best restaurants in all of the Nordic countries! If you are familiar with top Stockholm restaurants, you might notice two restaurants are noticeably absent from the list below. This is because two of Stockholms best restaurants have temporarily closed. Restaurant Frantzén has closed and will be opening in a new locale early next year and Mathias Dahlgren Matsalen is closing on December 22nd with plans to open with a new concept (after some renovations) also early next year. Mathias Dahlgren's Matbaren will remain open during this time and has made the list...

Global Masterclass

1. Esperanto (1!)
2. Gastrologik (6)
3. Oaxen Krog (7)
4. Operakällaren (19)
5. Adam/Albin (23)
6. Omakase Köttslöjd (26)
7. Imouto


8. Ekstedt
9. Aloë
10. Mathias Dahlgren- Matbaren
11. Spritmuseum
12. Volt
13. Shibumi
14. Lilla Ego
15. Punk Royale
16. Portal
17. Pubologi
18. Fotografiska

Please keep in mind that if you would like to dine at one of these popular restaurants... booking a table in advance is recommended if not required! If you are staying at the Rival Hotel, drop me a line ahead of your visit for any assistance. Do you wish to see other guides... past and present? Then click here! You can also read about my restaurant visits and recommendations, including some of the above listed restaurants, by clicking here.


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