November 1, 2017

100 Point Challenge: an Adventurous Way to See Stockholm!

It is always fun to see a new city in a different way than just from the window of a sightseeing tour bus. Perhaps even paired together with a little adventure? Earlier this spring I wrote an article about unusual sightseeing tours... everything from ghost and food tours to sightseeing from rooftops and by bicycle and vespa. This past weekend I had the opportunity to try one of these companies, the 100 Point Challenge, with a group of other Stockholm Concierge.
100 Point Challenge isn't a sightseeing tour per se, instead it is a race/quiz/game based on beautiful Stockholm. You can either take part in a public challenge if you are between 2 and 6 persons or, if you are a larger group, book one of their private challenges. After meeting up with the challenge master, the group is split into smaller teams of around 4 persons. The race will take you around the historical center of the city and you have two hours to solve a series of clues, answer questions and perform creative tasks. Each team is provided with a Polaroid camera and some of the tasks require your team to bring back photographic evidence! The challenges are currently available in Swedish or English. It is almost like being on the Amazing Race!
End of the race... back with or Poloroid pictures. 
Thankfully, there are three different challenges available based on your knowledge of Stockholm. Novices can take "Astrid's Adventure"... perfect for first time visitors to the city. If you have been to Stockholm a few times, you might want to try your hand at the intermediate challenge "Björn's Battle". As our group was made up of Stockholm experts, we took the hardest challenge "Gustav's Glory". It was fun! The difficulty level along with the amount of clues to solve and tasks to perform under a 2 hour time limit was enough to make it a race... though we did manage to make it back with 15 minutes to spare. Needless to say, my team was triumphant. But really... did you have any doubt?
So if you are coming to Stockholm, whether for the first time or as a return visitor, like solving puzzles and want a little adventure and fun while learning about Stockholm and seeing the sites... book your challenge! Dan, the friendly and enterprising Aussie who runs 100 Point Challenge, told us that they won't be doing any challenges in the hardest winter months (it all takes place outside after all) but they are doing a special version on the first three Saturdays in December with a Stockholm Christmas theme (one geared for visitors and one for locals). Sounds like a fun idea... click here for more information! If you are staying at the Rival Hotel, contact me directly if you need any help booking or more advice. 

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