Stockholm Trivia

Did you know that 95% of the population of Stockholm live less than 300 meters away from the closest park, forest or other "green area"? 30% of the city's area is green space while 30% is waterways. For these reasons and many, many more... Stockholm was voted the first European Green Capital this year.
Swedes in general have a tradition of being very enviromentally aware and Stockholmers are very proud of how clean their city is! Safe & clean beaches in the middle of the city, majority of the extensive public transportation system running on clean and renewable fuel, excellent water and high recycling rates add to this pride. You can catch fish in downtown Stockholm and eat it without any worries. Wolves, beaver, moose, deer and wild boar can all be found in within the borders of Stockholm county.
Tip: The city along with the Stockholm City Museum, in celebration of this award, has created a Green City Map that is free to pick up at the museum (located at Slussen). The map guides you to known and unknown places where you can see the result of Stockholm's enviromental policies. (Thanks Josefine for the tip!).


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