Tip #12 - Internet Research Tools

I am a firm believer of doing some research before travelling to a new place. I always think it's good to know a little bit about the history, geography, language, traditions and cuisine of a place before coming there... makes the visit much more enjoyable. It also helps to know what there is to see/do beforehand, so I don't have waste time figuring it out during my visit. Thanks to the internet, doing the research is free and easy. Here are some great websites, besides my world fabulous blog, to help you do some research before arriving in Stockholm... I use many of these websites in my day-to-day work.

I always check the weather of the place I'm heading to a few days before departing (helps with the packing!). Weather forecasting is not an exact science... so it is good to check several forecasts. Somewhere inbetween you'll get the correct forecast!

There are free maps to get at the tourist information center and the hotel, but sometimes it is good to take a peek at a map before arriving to get your bearings.

A few sites in Swedish (for those that speak the language):

  • Dagens Nyheter One of Sweden's leading newspapers. Their supplement (På Stan) on happenings in the city.
  • Allt om Stockholm The newspaper Aftonbladet's version...

Happy surfing!


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