January 5, 2011

Weather Warning - The Big Thaw

This past month was the coldest December in over 100 years. After the freezing temperatures and lots of snow, winter has released her grip (a bit) on Stockholm. It has warmed up some! Over the next few days temperatures will waver between a few degrees over and under zero Celsius. What this means is that there will be some snow melt... snow & ice falling from roofs and messy sidewalks. The melted snow can refreeze during the nights and turn to ice, making streets and sidewalks slippery & treacherous. So be careful walking through the city! If you see sidewalks taped off with signs saying "Varning: Risk för ras" or "Varning: Ras" then you should avoid that area as it is a warning that snow & ice may fall from the roof unexpectedly.

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