May 20, 2011

Stockholm Marathon 2011

Photo by Rickard Forsberg
Next Saturday (May 28th) we have one of Sweden's largest sporting events of the year taking place... The Stockholm Marathon. This year is the 33rd year the marathon is being run and over 20,600 runners from 80 countries have entered. What does this mean for you as a visitor? On the positive side... it is quite a celebration with people lining the streets, helicopters overhead and music playing. The race course goes all through the city (twice!) so it almost impossible to miss. Stop a few minutes and cheer the runners on, they could use the support. Especially if it is a hot day! On the negative side... traffic comes to a standstill for most of the day. Avoid taxis and buses! Stick to subways and boats and you will be just fine. The race starts at 11:30am and goes into the early evening.
Are you running in the marathon and staying at the Rival Hotel? Our head chef has added a special pasta to the menu Friday evening so that racers can load up on carbohydrates for energy... there's no need tiring yourself out the evening before the race looking for an Italian restaurant! To make a reservation:
Photo by Rickard Forsberg

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