May 22, 2011

Even a Concierge Needs a Vacation!

Summer is nearing and it is time for me to take a little vacation before the summer season gets going in Stockholm! So it is off to San Francisco and Hawaii for 3 weeks to recharge my batteries. It looks like we are in for a busy summer... lots going on in the city with loads of wonderful visitors already booked in. A record number of cruise ships will be visiting Stockholm as well which is good news. A special thanks to you who have visited and read my blog... I've been writing it for a year now, with over 180 posts and almost 30,000 readers to date. But now the blog will be silent while I'm on vacation. While I'm gone, have a look at the essential research tips I have for someone coming to visit the city, as well as some sightseeing tips, museum tips, restaurant recommendations as well as some general tourist information. I look forward to welcoming you to the Rival Hotel and Stockholm this summer!
Future hotel guests: If you have any urgent questions regarding the upcoming few weeks, please contact my knowledgeable colleagues in the Reception at or else you can keep sending me inquiries at My colleagues will be monitoring my e-mail, otherwise (if it is regarding matters for a later date) I will answer upon my return.
I'll be back in the middle of June!

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