February 1, 2012

Oaxen Skafferi

Photo: Oaxen Skafferi
I have blogged earlier about the fabulous Oaxen Krog restaurant (voted one of the top 50 restaurants in the world for several years in a row) in the southern archipelago. They closed at the end of last summer ahead of their plans on opening a new restaurant in Stockholm (on the island of Djurgården) in 2012/13. In the meantime they have opened a butcher shop and specialty food store called Oaxen Skafferi where fans of the restaurant and other connoisseurs can enjoy the Oaxen brand of high quality food. Here you can shop for top-notch meats (aged, smoked, dried, etc;) from the best farms in Sweden, specialty sausages prepared in the boutique, as well as great Swedish favorites like pickled herring, gravad lax, mustards, honey, butter, apple sauce, seasonings, oils and marinades. The vast majority of the products have been made or prepared by the Oaxen team themselves and sold under their brand. This Christmas I gave their mustard as a present and it got rave reviews.
The best news of all? It is located right across the Mariatorget square from the Rival Hotel! Stay tuned... as soon as I get any information about when their new restaurant will open, I will be sure to report it here.

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