Stockholm For Meat Lovers!

Restaurant AG
Steakhouses have been a popular trend in the Stockholm restaurant world over the past couple of years and it doesn't look like it will be going away any time soon. Steakhouses of all types and for all budgets have opened up in Stockholm... some have taken butchering and the preperation of meat to new artistic levels! There is even an annual contest awarding the best steakhouses in Sweden. This year's winner? Congratulations go to Restaurant AG in Stockholm. I have blogged about the restaurant earlier and I couldn't agree more with the jury's decision. A meat lover's paradise! Second prize went to Bakfickan Djuret while both Vassa Eggen and Grill (a personal favorite!) received special commendations.
Meat aging to perfection at AG
There are, of course, many other great steakhouses to choose from. I can recommend both Griffin's Steakhouse and Grill Ruby. There is also a chain of steakhouses that are very good (and popular) called Texas Longhorn with 10 restaurants in the greater Stockholm area and a good choice for diners with a smaller budget. While Villa Godthem is not a steakhouse per se, their "plank steaks" are to die for!
My apologies to all vegetarians... I will be sure to write about vegetarian dining options in Stockholm in the near future!


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