February 2, 2012

Winter Weather Warning!

Just a few weeks ago there was a bit of whining about the unusually warm winter we were having (no white Christmas, etc;). Well, that seems like a distant memory now as a high pressure system over the Kola Peninsula has caused the temperatures in Sweden to plummet... and it will stay that way for the week ahead. Temperatures in Stockholm are predicted to be around -10 to -15 Celsius. In addition, a large snow storm is predicted to hit Stockholm and the south-east coast of Sweden today, dropping up to 30cm snow in certain areas.
Visiting Stockholm this coming week? Make sure you pack accordingly and bundle up! It's also a good idea to give yourself a little extra travelling time... snow and extreme temperatures tend to cause havoc with our subways, buses and commuter trains. If you want more detailed weather information, visit SMHI or YR.no.
Pictures in this blog entry were taken by me last winter after a similar snow storm...

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