Thielska Galleriet (Thiel Gallery)

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day and I took the opportunity and headed out to the art museum Thielska Galleriet. The building was once the private residence of banker and art collector Ernst Thiel (it was acquired by the state in 1924). These days it is an art museum that contains Thiel's private collection of, mainly, turn-of-the-century Scandinavian artists... Edvard Munch, Anders Zorn, August Strindberg, Carl Larsson, Bruno Liljefors and others. There are also some works by non-Swedish artists like Gauguin and Lautrec.
I went to see the current exhibition of Eugéne Jansson, which is in celebration of what would have been the artist's 150th birthday and contains over 30 works of art with some beautiful depictions of Stockholm at the turn of the last century. This is actually a dual exhibition, in cooperation with nearby Prince Eugene's Waldemarsudde which is also having an exhibition of Jansson's work called "Blue Dusk and Naked Athletes". The exhibition at Thielska runs until May 6th and the one at Waldemarsudde runs until June 10th.
Thielska Galleriet is located out at the end of the island of Djurgården right at the entrance to Stockholm harbor. It is a little bit outside of the city, but well worth the trip. Bus 69 will take you the whole way there. You can catch the bus in front of the square Norrmalmstorg in the downtown area and the trip takes a little less than 20 minutes. The area around the museum is a city park and a favorite recreation area for Stockholmers... great for a stroll in the sunshine.


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