Restaurant Tradition

(Edit- closed for business, but they have still have their sister restaurant open in gamla Stan)
Last week I was invited to the premiere of a new restaurant on Södermalm called Tradition. This is their second restaurant with the original Tradition located in the Norrmalm district. This "sister restaurant" is located right next to the SoFo district of Södermalm, an easy 15 minute walk from the Rival Hotel.
Swedish design...
Their motto is "Svensk husmanskost. Punkt slut." which basically translates to "Swedish traditional cuisine. Period.". Well, sort of. I actually have a hard time translating husmanskost. It is one of those words that I think is only found in Swedish... like lagom and fika. There are several ways I use to describe this concept to visitors... rustic cuisine, meals your grandmother would make, workers' fare, traditional cuisine, historic cuisine, etc; Sometimes I compare it to types of dishes from the visitor's home country to give them a point of reference. For example Fish & Chips to someone from the UK, Coq au Vin to someone from France and Pot Roast to someone from the States. At any rate... it is good food! And a great way to "taste" Swedish history and tradition.
Cod with shrimp, horseradish and egg sauce.
Restaurant Tradition is a good place to try husmanskost and they try to make it a complete Swedish experience with the Swedish interior design as well as Swedish music playing in the restaurant. As it was the premiere when I was there, we were served small tastes of different courses on the menu... like cod with shrimp, horseradish & egg sauce and black pudding with glazed apples and lingon berries. Click here for menu. All very good! As I mentioned earlier, Tradition is located near the SoFo district which is a nice place to wander in the evening with bars, pubs and restaurants. Good thing to know: all of the dishes on the menu are lactose free and they can make both vegetarian and gluten free dishes as well. Click here for other restaurant recommendations/reviews and click here for other restaurants that serve Swedish cuisine.
Black pudding with glazed apples and lingon berries.


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