The Nobel Museum

The man...
Were you aware that the Nobel Prize is Swedish (though the Peace Prize is awarded in Oslo)? Were you aware that this is because the prizes were stipulated in the last will & testament of a Swede... Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite?
...and the prize.
If this is news for you or if your curiosity is piqued, then I have the perfect museum for you: The Nobel Museum. This museum is dedicated to both the man, Alfred Nobel, and the famous prize that he founded. It is not a large museum, but it is still quite comprehensive. There is an area dedicated to the life of Nobel as well as a permanent exhibition regarding the history of the prize which includes several interesting objects donated by Nobel Laureates.
They also have temporary exhibitions at the museum and the current exhibition is "Making Peace" which is a look, through photography, at the people and events that have been involved in the struggle for peace, including Nobel Peace Prize winners. This exhibit will run through November 17th.
Part of the Peace exhibit.
A couple of other interesting facts about the museum... make sure you look up when you are in the museum. Above the heads of the museum visitors is a moving conveyor belt of sorts with banners featuring Nobel prize winners. A fun idea! Another fun idea is found in the museum café. Make sure you take the time and turn your stool upside down. The bottom of every stool is covered with the signatures of past Nobel Laureates!
Look up and...
The museum is located in the old stock exchange building on the square Stortorget in the old town (Gamla Stan), just a 15 minute walk from the Rival Hotel. During the summer months the museum is open every day from 10am to 8pm. They have guided tours in English several times a day (free of charge), which I recommend. If you are interested in more Nobel atmosphere... make sure you visit the City Hall, where they have the famous Nobel banquet every year, as well as the Concert Hall (Konserthuset), where the awards ceremony is held.
...look down (under your chair).


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