The #1 Stockholm Summer Spot: Mälarpaviljongen!

This past weekend was pretty hot in Stockholm with almost record breaking temperatures. Considering that we had snow flurries just a couple of weeks ago, Stockholmers were almost vibrating with happiness with the high summer weather.
So, on my day off, my friends and I went to our favorite summer bar and hangout: Mälarpaviljongen. This is a floating bar and casual restaurant, located on the waterfront of Kungsholmen island. You would be hard pressed to find a summer bar more popular with the locals. The main reason is the location on a series of floating prams on the water of the Mälaren lake with the Stockholm skyline stretched out before you. Very idyllic! The restaurant itself is very casual with dishes like Caesar Salad, burgers, fried herring, meatballs, etc. You order your lunch/dinner at the counter, let them know where you will be sitting and they run the food out to you when it is ready. No table reservations.
Mälarpaviljongen is gay owned and operated and does attract a large LGBT crowd, especially later in the evenings. But, generally speaking, the clientele is very mixed with everything from gay couples to businessmen to grannies with their lap dogs, all enjoying a drink and the views. All are welcome. This is, after all, Sweden where a big deal isn't made about a person's sexuality. If you are in Stockholm on a warm and sunny day, Mälarpaviljongen is definitely worth a visit!
Roseé wine... the official drink of Summer Sweden.


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