A Sure Sign of Spring in Stockholm

Every spring, for a few weeks, Stockholmers make a pilgrimage to the square Kungsträdgården to look at (and, of course, photograph) the cherry blossom trees. Our personal social media accounts are filled with pictures of these pink trees with text stating "spring is here" or something else of that nature. It really is like clockwork.
As I am a slave to tradition and the trees are really quite spectacular, I made my pilgrimage yesterday with some friends to enjoy the beautiful trees... and we weren't alone! It was a bank holiday and a gorgeous day, so Stockholmers were out in the thousands, all vying for the perfect selfie shot with the blossoms in the background. If you are in Stockholm during the next few weeks, head down to the square, located in the downtown area, to have a stroll under the pink blossoms.
To get there from the Hotel Rival, you can either take a 30 minute leisurely stroll through Gamla Stan (the old town), a 15 minute bus ride or take the subway. For the subway, you can just take it three stations to T-centralen, exit to Sergels torg, and walk two blocks or switch from the red line to blue line at T-Centralen and continue one station to Kungsträdgården. Of special note, this subway station is one of Stockholm's most beautiful and worth a visit on its own.


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