October 22, 2010

Weather- First Signs of Winter!

The season's first snowfall came this morning covering the city with the white stuff. Sadly, it will have probably melted away by this afternoon. But this is what you can expect from Stockholm weather the next couple of months. Snowfall and then melt... sometimes freezing rain. It is usually not until January that we can expect snow that sticks to the ground for longer periods of time, though winter can be unpredictable: last year we had lots of snow from the middle of December and onwards.
The lesson in this? Be prepared if you are coming to Stockholm this autumn or winter. Check various online weather sites for updated information. Two websites that I recommend are yr.no and smhi.se. I usually try and look at a few weather sites before heading somewhere for vacation as weather isn't an exact science. Be also aware that snow in Stockholm, more often than not, means delays in commuter traffic as well as traffic jams on the highways. If you are travelling by car... drive carefully!
The pictures are taken in Maria Square, in front of the Rival Hotel, this morning...

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