Best Brunch in Stockholm!

About 10 years ago, I pitched the idea of brunch to several restaurants here in Stockholm. They seemed to be leery of this American dining concept and I usually got the same answer... "why would anyone want to eat a big meal in the middle of a Sunday?". Well, these days brunch has become quite popular in Stockholm with many restaurants offering brunch on weekends. Even the tour company Strömma offers a brunch boat tour, as I've blogged about earlier.
Now, I know you think I might be a bit biased in saying this... but the Bistro Rival has one of the best brunches in Stockholm. It has become so popular with Stockholmers that guests need to reserve a table at least a week in advance. Otherwise there is usally seating in the bar and lounge areas for drop-in guests. The buffet tables are ladden with both warm and cold dishes... classics and Swedish additions. Eggs & bacon, pancakes, smoked salmon, lasagne, steak tartare, several sallads, coldcuts, fresh breads from the bakery, milkshakes, coffees & cocktails... not to mention the desserts! For more information, click here.
Brunch is served on Sundays from 1pm to 5pm. The cost is 265 SEK (all you can eat!). The last day for brunch before we take a summer break is May 22nd... opening again for business on August 21st. To make a reservation, send a request to


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