Restaurants- "Och Himlen Därtill"

View looking north-east
Continuing on the restaurant theme... my colleagues and I were invited by the restaurant Och Himlen Därtill to come by a see the restaurant (after recent renovations) and have a drink and a bite to eat. Loosely translated, the name means "And Heaven as Well" and is a reference to their location at the top of a 104 meter high building with great 360 degree views of Stockholm. The city is pretty devoid of really tall buildings, so this is one of the taller buildings and there are no others in the vicinity to block the view. I blogged about the restaurant earlier when I discussed places with a great view in Stockholm. The restaurant takes up the top two floors... the Sky Bar on the top floor and the diningroom one floor down. The menu concentrates mainly on Swedish cuisine using a lot of local produce like reindeer, buckthorn, bleak roe and truffles from Gotland. It is a bit more expensive than other restaurants in the neighborhood, but as the old saying goes: location, location, location. Speaking of which, the restaurant is located just a 15 minute walk away from the Rival Hotel on the border of the SoHo neighbourhood. Besides the restaurant, the building also houses the Skrapan shopping center... so it is the perfect place to stop off for a cocktail and watch the sunset after a long days shopping in SoFo and Skrapan. It is open between 5pm and 1am Monday through Thursday, 4pm and 3am on Friday and Saturday, closed on Sunday.
View west towards the sunset
 You can see some great pictures on their Swedish page by clicking here.
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