March 15, 2011

Tip #19- Ultimate Shopping Guides

Is shopping a priority during your visit to Stockholm? Do you wish to have personal help in navigating through the multitude of stores in the city? Then do I have the perfect tip for you... the company Smart City Shopping. They offer great services for the shopping enthusiasts. I have met with Pia and Lotta of Smart City Shopping a couple of times and I can honestly say that I have never met anyone with more knowledge of stores and brands in Stockholm. You can hire them as your own personal shopper/guide and they are quite flexible, whether you are alone or in a group. They have a close working relationship with several stores and brands and can even arrange visits to some stores outside of regular opening hours... a great way to avoid crowds. A car or minibus can also be arranged if you are going to be doing some serious shopping and want to avoid carrying bags around from store to store.
Otherwise, if you want to go it on your own, they have come out with a wonderful shopping map of Stockholm. Here you will find shops and boutiques of all kinds mapped out in the city, color coded to make it easier for you to find the perfect stores. You can preorder the map on their website, otherwise we do have a limited number of maps for sale to hotel guests at the Rival Hotel. If you are staying at the hotel, contact me in advance and I will hold a map for you. In the near future, they will have an interactive shopping map available on their website... great for you who are travelling with a smart phone or Ipad. This should be up and running before the summer season kicks in! It is important to note that Pia and Lotta have actually visited each store, boutique and shop marked on the map and are therefore personally recommended by them.
For contact information... click here!

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