Crown Princess' Wedding

Congratulations to Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel! I had the day off so I took my visiting parents down to see if we could spot the couple when they travelled through the streets of Stockholm after the ceremony, first by horse and carriage and then by boat. Police estimate that there were half a million people gathered on the streets to do the same thing! We finally settled in front of the National Museum where we had a view of the castle across the water... there we could see the couple leave the castle by carriage and later return by boat. The weather cooperated and people were in a festive mood. It was fun watching all of the journalists from around the world scrambling to get there pictures. The harbour was filled with ships... many military but even the Norwegian and Danish royal yachts. There was a 21 gun salute as the couple passed Kastelholmen on their boat... and finally there was a spectacular military plane fly-by in the shape of Cupid's arrow. Congratulations to Stockholm for a great party!
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