Day Trip - Skokloster Castle

The tour to Skokloster Castle goes on the same boat as the one to Sigtuna (see last entry below). After stopping at Sigtuna the boat continues on for 1 hour more to the castle. The cost is the same... 290 SEK for a round trip tour.

Skokloster Castle is one of many castles and palaces scattered thoughout the Mälar Valley and perhaps the most well preserved baroque castles in the world and a monument to Sweden's Age of Power. Completed in 1676, the castle was built by Carl Gustav Wrangel and later came into the posession of the influential Brahe family. Wrangel was quite the collector and the armoury is filled with an amazing display of weaponry and even exotic objects from around the world. The baroque interior design is spectacular... hard to know where to rest your eyes with all of the magnificent furniture, tapestries and paintings. You are met by a guide at the boat dock who takes you through the castle, explaining the contents of the castle as well as about the Wrangel and Brahe families. The grounds are beautiful, especially considering that the castle is located in the Skohalvön nature reserve. There is a gift shop and a café for lunch on the castle grounds as well as a nearby church. You have two hours in all before the boat heads back to Stockholm. You are back in town at around 6:10pm.
The tour runs Wednesday through Sunday from July 3rd to August 22nd.

You want to go to Skokloster Castle on your own? Take the commuter train north to Bålsta and then get on bus #311 for Skokloster. The trip takes approximately 1 hour 15 minutes. Click here for more information on public transportation.


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