Day Trip - Sigtuna

(EDIT: Strömma does not offer this tour anymore... but you can still visit the town on your own. Info at end of this article) I had the pleasure today to try out two new day trips that Strömma are offering Summer 2010. They are Sigtuna town and Skokloster Castle. The tours both leave on the same boat from in front of City Hall (Stadshusbron), you just choose if you want to get off first at Sigtuna or continue on to Skokloster. The cost is the same... 290 SEK for a round-trip ticket.

Sigtuna is located just north-west of Stockholm on the way to Uppsala. It was an important trading center and is considered the first city in Sweden. Sigtuna had its golden age between the late 900's and the mid 1200's when Stockholm rose to prominence. The city layout looks today much like it did back in its heyday with the main street (Stora gatan) still in place... though the buildings are mainly from the 17 and 1800s.

The tour starts by boat at 9:45am and the trip to Sigtuna takes approximately 2 hours. It is a beautiful trip through the forests and farmlands surrounding Lake Mälaren, sometimes going through narrow waterways and draw bridges. There is a cafeteria onboard serving light refreshments and a guide is there to explain the history of the countryside passing by. The tour continues on land with a guide who takes you through the charming streets of Sigtuna as well as seeing the church, ruins and runestones that are scattered through the town (the county has the highest concentration of runestones in Sweden). You then have some time on your own to explore, shop and eat lunch. Entrance to the Sigtuna Museum is included in the tour price. All in all you have 4 hours in the town before the boat picks you up for the trip back to Stockholm. You are back at about 6:10pm.

The tour runs Wednesdays through Sundays from July 3rd to August 22nd.

Would you like to visit Sigtuna on your own? Take the commuter train north to Märsta, there get on the bus #570 going towards Hässelboskolan. The trip takes approximately 1 hour. Click here for more information on public transportation.


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