And speaking of Pippi... if you are travelling to Stockholm with children who have read the sagas written by Astrid Lindgren then have I got the place for you! Junibacken is an indoor theme park located on the island of Djurgården (just next to the Vasa Museum). The characters and places from Astrid Lindgren's world take center stage and you can meet Pippi Longstocking, visit Bullerby and see Karlsson flying over the roofs. There are several play areas in the form of minature villages with streets and houses all made for young imaginative children to enjoy. There is a fairytale ride that is reminiscent of the "It's a Small World" ride at Disneyland except that instead of a boat you are in a train and passing by scenes out of Astrid's sagas. There are a couple of children's theater performances where you can meet Pippi and her friends, as well as a nice restaurant/café and gift shop. One special note for the gift shop... they have many favorite Swedish children's books translated into several languages.
It is a great place for younger children, though I was there yesterday with my friend and her 15 month old daughter and perhaps she was a bit too young for the fairytale ride (hard to get them to sit still when they are that young!). Otherwise she had a blast! The theater performances are all in Swedish however the guide for the ride is available in several languages. Junibacken is open from 10am to 5pm Tuesday through Sunday (everyday during the summer months) and the cost for adults is 125 SEK (low season) and 145 SEK (high season) and for children over 2 it is 110/125 SEK. Free entrance with the Stockholm Card.
Junibacken is a nice place to spend an afternoon, but if your children are die-hard fans, then perhaps a trip to Astrid Lindgren's World would be in order? Located in the town of Vimmerby, approximately 3 hours south of Stockholm by train, this park takes Astrid Lindgren's story to a much larger scale!


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